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2016 - Space Renaissance International 2nd World Congress

Let’s make of this the congress of the whole Space Community!


Space Renaissance is a new, global philosophy, having its basic ground on Earth, and its natural development in the extraterrestrial space. Our founding concepts are New Humanism and Astro-Humanism. We look at the past Renaissance (1500) as an inspiration for patronage and capability to aim high, and to make great projects by means of good will and mutual cooperation.

Among our scopes:

  • To build the philosophy and culture of the Space Age, to help the New Renaissance of Humanity in Space.
  • To bring the Space Renaissance philosophy and proposals to the large public attention.
  • To promote investments, new financial tools and governative grants, to support the new space economy industry and research.
  • To build the Space Renaissance Academy, a great international, philosophical and scientific school.

The Space Renaissance International is an international non-profit, cultural and social promotion association.

We call all of the sincere astronautic humanists on Earth to give birth to local national chapters of the Space Renaissance International.




Space Renaissance International’s executive committee has adopted the theme “Space, not War” for SRI’s Second International Congress, which will be held sometime during the middle of next year in Italy, the home of the original Renaissance and SRI’s incorporation. Read More

Call to action!

Facing continuing brutality despite all of its advances, civilization, forced into the now narrow space of the pre-Copernican closed world, needs all humans to embrace the arms of culture, science, philosophy and technology to open the world to a new renaissance, the space renaissance.Read More

Mars, like the Moon? …. but … we would really put a great distance from the awful stench of death that rises from the old world …

Forty five years after the historic landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon, without forgetting the good Michael Collins, who waited patiently for them in orbit, NASA officially announced a manned mission to Mars by 2030. By this announce NASA expresses, at least, a large confidence in the availability of the United States taxpayers to keep on supporting the space agency’ programs, even beyond the “low cost” policy, to which many today charge the responsibility for the space program’ failures and delays.
I take the freedom to applaud the NASA plan with several reserves and no little suspicion. Perhaps, when President Bush announced in 2004, the famous manifesto “Moon, Mars and Beyond”, did he aim to propose and consolidate, in fact, a methodology, more than a plan? Read More